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The Challenge

Cyber governance and regulatory compliance are top of mind for boards and executives in most industries. Keeping pace with the changing threat landscape and incessant stream of regulatory demands consumes resources and limits the effectiveness of long-term planning.

But the challenge doesn’t end there. Evidencing compliance is as big of a challenge – if not bigger – than keeping pace with change alone.

Automation is the key to a sustainable compliance process. Leaving the evidentiary layer to manual control processes is a risky and costly bet, and certainly one that cannot scale.

Greenlight Solutions

Greenlight solutions automate the linkage between regulations, policies and standards with underlying controls, highlighting areas of exposure and enabling your business to navigate change with confidence.

  • Centralize the disparate landscape of regulatory requirements, acting as a single authoritative source for alerts and requirements intake
  • Eliminate silos and enable standardization across regulatory mandates
  • Align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operations
  • Strengthen your controls posture with automation and exception-based monitoring across IT systems and business applications
  • Improve controls around privileged accounts to minimize the risk of insider threat