Integrate operational and internal control processes. Enhance health & safety compliance.   Reduce cost of compliance.

Oil & Gas Industry Challenges

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas companies are experiencing vast transformation, due in part to increasing cyber threats, a turbulent economy, and changing technology landscape. Managing the associated risks and evidencing compliance with environmental, health and safety, as well as other industry regulations in a cost effective manner is of paramount importance.

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Greenlight Solutions

Greenlight Dashboard

Greenlight solutions automate the linkage between regulations, policies and standards with underlying controls, highlighting areas of exposure and enabling your business to navigate change with confidence.

Greenlight solutions can help you:

  • Align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operations

  • Strengthen your controls posture with automation and exception-based monitoring across IT systems and business applications

  • Provide a single view of regulatory compliance and cyber readiness in a single platform

  • Accelerate response to audits and ad-hoc requests from auditors