Accelerate GXP and FDA compliance. Standardize control frameworks. Quantify your risk exposure.

Life Sciences Industry Challenges

Life Sciences

Keeping pace with regulatory change while combatting a shifting cyber threat landscape is a constant challenge for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. Organizations need to manage the risk of non-compliance with a multitude of regulations while racing to deliver new drugs and therapies to expand into emerging markets.

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Greenlight Solutions

Greenlight Dashboard

Greenlight solutions automate the linkage between regulations, policies and standards with underlying controls, highlighting areas of exposure and enabling your business to navigate change with confidence.

Greenlight solutions can help you:

  • Centrally manage and report on regulatory and compliance requirements across the organization

  • Strengthen your controls posture with automation and exception-based monitoring across IT systems and business applications

  • Proactively monitor, analyze and mitigate risks

  • Provide a single view of regulatory compliance and cyber readiness in a single platform

  • Accelerate response to ad-hoc requests from auditors

Regulation Management for Life Sciences