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Healthcare Industry Challenges

In Healthcare, people’s lives are literally in the hands of others. However, it is not enough to protect only a patient’s physical well-being, their patient information and identity must be protected as well. HIPAA set new rules and standards for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare records. But compliance alone does not mean adequate cybersecurity governance, and regulatory compliance itself is a challenge due to the constantly changing landscape.

Greenlight solutions automate the linkage between regulations, policies and standards with underlying controls, highlighting areas of exposure and enabling your business to navigate change with confidence.

Greenlight solutions can help you:

  • Identify gaps in security controls around patient data
  • Improve controls around privileged accounts to minimize the risk of insider threat
  • Automate execution and testing of controls across IT systems and business applications
  • Simplify compliance with regulatory requirements

Regulation Management for Healthcare

Case Study

Data privacy has been top of mind for health care organizations since the introduction of HIPAA. Now, with the evolution of EMRs, cloud computing, and advanced analytics, policies and procedures around data security must also evolve.

Join Dr. David Delaney, MD – Chief Medical Officer, SAP Healthcare, to hear how SAP, in partnership with Greenlight Technologies, is delivering an analytics-based platform for IT executives to monitor their data privacy programs and communicate progress and vision to the board.

Watch the on-demand Webinar: The Data Privacy Imperative in Health Care