Quantify your financial exposure from access risk. Prioritize compliance efforts based upon dollar value impact of risks across users and business processes.

Financial Impact of Risk

Often times too much emphasis is placed on the analysis of access risk rather than on a continuous monitoring program for control.  When a risk is identified, the focus should be on how to control it in order to reduce the impact to the business.  This approach is unique because now you can control and quantify actual risks as opposed to the analysis of theoretical/potential issues.


Greenlight’s Financial Impact of Risk Solution

A Continuous Monitoring Program Enhances Business Functions

Greenlight enables organizations to actually know what users are doing with their access, but at the same time focusing on monitoring policies and rules rather than just their users.  This also allows organizations to quantify actual risks across their enterprise application landscape by measuring the dollar value impact of risks across users and business processes.

By providing business stakeholders with visibility into the actual bottom-line or financial impact of risks on the organization, our customers are moving beyond the potential or theoretical risk in order to focus or prioritize activities based on actual issues impacting the business.

  • Implement Greenlight’s continuous monitoring program to automate traditional manual applications

  • Eliminate manual mitigating controls for segregation of duties

  • Move to exception-based monitoring for actual segregation of duties conflicts that occur during transaction processing

  • Quantify your financial exposure from access risk to drive change where the risk may be too great for your appetite

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