Benchmark against industry and government standards, policies, and regulations. Automate testing of cybersecurity controls. Link external breaches to internal threats to understand the full picture with our cyber governance solution.

Cyber Governance

“Your survival as an enterprise begins with answering this question; what one thing would eliminate your enterprise’s ability to exist? If you can not answer this question you’re already behind and the truth is it is never one thing, but several.” First Deputy Under-Secretary for Cybersecurity, US Department of Homeland Security


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Understanding your cyber exposure today requires numerous data queries and tremendous manual manipulation leaving you vulnerable to agents who easily compromise systems faster than you can detect them. Without an understanding of all the linkages to corporate risks associated with your company’s crown jewels, your ability to recognize clear and present dangers to your enterprise is non-existent.

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Greenlight’s Cyber Governance Solution

Greenlight provides an analytics-based platform for IT executives to monitor their cyber governance program and communicate progress and vision to the board. The solution automates the linkage between cyber policies and standards with underlying controls, highlighting areas of exposure and enabling your business to:

  • Automate the intake and change management of cybersecurity frameworks and mandates

  • Identify and address gaps in meeting evolving security requirements

  • Translate the impact of cybersecurity, insider risks, data breaches, and violations in a business context

  • Automate testing of cybersecurity controls

  • Leverage and integrate with existing security solutions for exception-based monitoring of control violations

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